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The Best Job Search Websites

I've been on a bit of a job hunt lately. I am currently freelancing and doing contract work for some clients, but I'm looking to get back into full-time employment. I wanted to share a quick roundup of the best job search websites I've come across -- in general, and also in my specific field (media/marketing/communications). The job search market has changed drastically since I first started looking post-college more than 10 years ago -- and I'm happy to say it has changed for the better. It's much more streamlined and easier than ever to apply for positions. No more spending hours on tedious applications!

This job website and app has a handy "1 click apply" button where you can scroll and apply in one click. Fill out the profile, add references and your resume, and you're ready for the most convenient job application process ever. It was created somewhat recently (2010) and it has features that no other search site has -- like a salary r…

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