Finding Purpose in a Post-election World

Hi all. It's been a busy season but I wanted to check in and write a bit about what's going on. I'm not going to get into politics but I do want to encourage everyone to look at the current cultural landscape and think about what you can do to make our world a better place. We truly need some positivity.

I used to volunteer at an animal shelter and I'm looking into doing that again. I prefer to donate time rather than money to organizations because I like to see the impact I make, and you never know where the money really goes. I am the editor of a corporate social responsibility magazine, and I feel it's my duty to represent that, and give back.

"Doing good" for others provides people with a sense of purpose. Here are some ideas of what to do to give back and better your soul; especially important at this time of year!

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter/hospital/nursing home/school
  • Buy gifts for those in need this season
  • Write letters to military members overseas
  • Join a community volunteerism group
  • Give someone a compliment 
  • Help a student with their homework
  • Spend quality time with your own family members
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