Thinking Positive

I wanted to write a little bit about positivity. Sometimes I struggle with this, and I think social media has made it worse for everyone. As a wannabe-blogger, I am following dozens of others, and you can see them jetting off to exotic locations on a company's dime just to post an #ad, or being gifted boxes and boxes of free clothing that costs more than a new car. It can be downright depressing comparing yourself to others. Someone else always comes out on top.

I encourage myself to look at the good things I have to make myself feel better. Sure there will always be someone else who is richer or thinner, but there is no one exactly like me (or you!). And if I can do any one thing with my blog, it would be to inspire others and let them know it's ok to not be perfect. Perfect is boring anyway. And social media presents a highlight reel of stuff that is already embellished. Let's keep it real here. We don't live inside Pinterest after all.

So to help with that, I tried to come up with some of my top tips to get me out of a funk:
  • Watching a trashy reality show or funny movie
  • Snuggling with my cat
  • Going for a walk and enjoying nature
  • Working out at the gym
  • Organizing my closet or drawers
  • Coming up with a new outfit from clothes I already have 
  • Writing down my feelings in a journal
  • Cooking dinner with my husband and having a glass of wine

 What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're not feeling good enough?



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