New Beginnings

I have found myself with some unexpected free time so I thought I'd sit down and write about whatever runs through my mind today.
We just bought a house, so things have been busy. The house hunt wasn't too bad - we looked at a bunch and were able to find one sooner than I anticipated. We moved in last week and have already had a bunch of homeowner "tests" - but we're pulling through! The cat loves it, so it was a good buy.
The day we moved in was warm, and it has been nice ever since so we have turned a corner and winter is over. It's time for a fresh start and new beginnings, in more ways than one. I am hopeful for the future and encouraged by all of the awesome content creation I see out there - I really hope I can force myself to stay vigilant and commit to posting more than once every few months. Time gets away from me, but I think I can stick with it this time!



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