What I Do and What to Do

The life of a journalist is never dull. These part few weeks have been crazy busy, and I'm trying to stay on top of all my obligations and deadlines.

I am currently the editor of two b2b publications based in Center City, Philadelphia. I love my job, and the topics I write about are very interesting and important in today's society. I don't want to go into too much detail about myself and what I do, but I feel it's important to speak out on societal issues, and be as unbiased and responsible as possible, especially when discussing the news.

I worked as a news reporter for years, and it's unfortunate "the media" has gotten such a bad image lately. Being professionally trained in the medium causes me to look at it from an insider's perspective. I know how newsrooms operate. It's so important to get the information to the public without bias; yet today we are bombarded with sensationalism everywhere. I admit I do prefer the more liberal news sources, but I'm not sure where the responsible journalism of my past has gone.

With this position I currently hold, which I started in January of this year, my goal is to provide the reader with the best information that truly matters. My magazine covers the ethical business field, and I am learning so much about things I never previously thought about. Currently I am writing about sustainable water supply and efforts against human trafficking - both extremely important issues today. So please join me in learning more and helping out where you can - with awareness, volunteerism, or donations to causes. The world is a scary place lately and society needs your help, as well as mine.

On a bit of a lighter note, I am also putting together the summer issues of both magazines, which is taking up a large part of my work time. When not at work, I am trying to get this blog up and running again, with topics that will probably be all over the place! I have too many interests - fashion, design, music, cats, food, travel, etc. etc. I also have a ton of extracurricular stuff this summer - wedding mainly. This is wedding season and we have so many to attend! Which is fun and busy - two of my most favorite things to be!

Thanks for reading!



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