Pray For [Insert Next City Here]

I'm going to take a break from my originally planned postings to talk about the world we live in.

The point of this blog is to be a fun space where I can talk about fashion, design, art, my writings, etc. But lately all of that seems kind of frivolous to me when there are so many other important and devastating things going on around us.

I tend to be a pretty sensitive person. For example, when someone tells me of a hardship I physically feel for them. I feel like I soak up pain like a sponge. I'm a crier - even commercials get me sometimes. I have to turn Sarah McLaughlin off. So when terrible things happen they really get me down.

Another attack happened last night in Nice, France. It is so upsetting that these tragedies seem to keep happening in escalating numbers. Why is there so much hate in the world? I don't believe it's one religion, or one race, that causes problems. I just think there are too many bad people. The good people need to come out in full force and do good to make up for the bad.

I feel like it was yesterday we were saying "pray for Orlando... Brussels... Paris... Boston.... Newtown... Aurora..." etc. etc. etc. We wonder, who's next? Because there will be a next. We have all been in public places and thought to ourselves - if someone pulls a gun right now, what will I do? Because it could happen. It may happen. It WILL happen, somewhere.

Please respect your fellow humans. We are all on this earth for a reason and have very different paths to take. But humanity is universal and we need to appreciate that. You don't know the struggle of someone else, so stop judging them and let them live.

I have more particular feelings about specific racial, religious, and gender issues lately, but I will refrain, for now (a hint though - I am a liberal Democrat). I think the overall thing I want to focus on here is us just being better. And I expect more out of the media, I really do. As I said in my last post, journalism is such an important industry, and today it's abused and used to sensationalize things and get clicks. Clicks are meaningless when you have lives on the line.

I have no answers. I just had to put my thoughts out there. But I can say this -- if you can do something, do anything. Donate blood. Volunteer. Smile at people. We have to make this world a better place.

I think this often. Does anyone else feel the same?



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