Summertime - Updates

Summer is here in the Northeast - finally! It's been wayyy too long since I've updated the blog. I've been crazy busy, but here are some things I'm working on for this season.

My art
I've been drawing and painting lately and I love it. It allows me to express my creativity, which is a basic need for me. I'm doing a lot of DIY items for the wedding and invitations are one of them. I found a designer I want to emulate - watercolor flowers on heavy cardstock with different damask borders and tied with a rhinestone buckled ribbon. Gorgeous. I gotta get going on that.

Health and nutrition
I'm doing another cleanse. This one is modified; as much as I love the Blueprint Cleanse it's just too hard for me to sustain myself on juice alone. It was incredibly challenging. I'm supplementing juices with whole and raw foods on this one, and it's two weeks long. I'm doing the 365 cleanse from Whole Foods. I like trying different kinds. I've just been eating junk and drinking too much and I need to get those toxins out. Plus its summer and it's time to get healthy. I'll let you know how it goes.

Summer is an easy breezy clothing season. I live in dresses, tanks and cutoffs. But I of course like to dress them up for work or going out. I recently bought these cute wraparound strappy sandals from a cheap store and saw them in a Glamour editorial! They were about ten times the price in the mag though. I love when that happens. I always pay attention to the runway and fashion coverage and recreate high fashion looks for less. Speaking of, I'll end with a few of my favorite summer looks I'm feelin!


H&M (just bought this)

NY and Company




Lily Pullitzer

More to come!



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