Monday, June 27, 2011

The jewelry box

I love jewelry. I switch between the daintier, fine jewelry pieces I'm lucky to own and big clunky "junk jewelry" that are fun to wear.

There are a few basic pieces every girl should own, as well as cheap, trendy baubles you can rock for one season only. I recommend Forever 21 for jewelry like this - it's the cheapest of the cheap. You can get some dangly feather earrings, (feathers are hot right now!) or funky bohemian bracelets and necklace for as little as $2. The other girly teen stores also carry a great selection of up to the minute trends, although slightly more expensive; like $8 vs. Forever 21's $5. No big deal.

I'm liking the feather trend right now. Especially ostrich feathers - they're so colorful and the blues greens and purples are really nice jewel tones. The key is to wear them alone - too much and you can look like a performer.

The bohemian look is in. My cheap favorite: a load of glittery peachy gold bangles from Forever 21 for $6. An arm full of bangles is an easy way to put summer into your wardrobe.

I'm always a fan of pearls - they're so classy and they can make any outfit look more pulled together. I have a few sets of pearls from my grandmother but my favorite is my Chanel costume jewery strands of pearls with silver charms. You can find similar styles at any of the girl stores too. Pearls with ribbons and chains look awesome.

I also like huge colored stone bib necklaces. I'm sure the Housewives on tv (who also seem to favor these necklaces) have real ones but fakes are fine. They dress up everything. So cute.

Huge flower rings are in right now. I got mine, a huge rhinestone-encrusted flower, at Forever 21. They bring the drama during a night now.

I like to add a friendship bracelet-like item to my wrist to switch it up sometimes. Charlotte Russe usually has them in a bucket by the register. I have two cord ones, a tan and gold heart one and a black and red rhinestone lips one.

A few of my fine jewelry pieces are trendy too, but I've been wearing them for awhile and they still serve me well. One is the Tiffany key necklace, which I like to wear with the "Diamonds by the Yard" necklace. I like a smaller charm necklace and a longer, semi-matching one to wear with it.

Honestly, if I didn't inherit my grandmothers amazing just under 2 carat diamond solitaire (lucky lucky) I would have possibly wanted a different stone for an engagement ring. Everyone has a diamond engagement ring. And you truly have to spend a lot of get a nice one. There are stones out there that are just as beautiful - Kate Middleton's sapphire included, of course. I like the trend on different engagement ideas. Sapphires, aquamarines, amethysts, pink tourmalines and rubies all make gorgeous rings. And you can get them cut much bigger than an equally-expensive diamond would be. Just a thought. I know I wouldn't mind if I was given a huge pink ring!

I also like a mix of white and yellow gold. A few of my pieces have both; I have a Michael Kors watch with both, as well as some necklaces. It's convenient because then you can wear the pieces with everything. I know its me being OCD, but if I have sandals or a bag with gold hardware, I don't want to wear white gold jewelry. But most of my jewelry is white gold or silver - so then what do I do. With jewelry that has both I can wear it with whatever. It's also unexpected and different, which is what I'm always looking for.

Finally, one of my favorite places to go for knockoff cheap jewely (that often looks like the real thing) is Chinatown. Yes, I know, shhh about it, but everyone goes. It's a guilty pleasure for all of us. I wont say when I go or what I get but I always walk away happy. And with my wallet happy too.

Here's a few things I'm liking now:

Chanel flower ring

Glittery rainbow bangles from Forever 21

Feather necklace (also in pink)

Tiffany key necklace

Tiffany "Diamonds by the Yard" necklaces

Charlotte Russe pearl and flower necklace

Charlotte Russe "love" friendship bracelet

Lanvin knotted pearl and ribbon bracelet

New York and Company bib necklace

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