Cheapest fashion finds

Nothing thrills me me more than finding something fabulous on clearance. Knowing something is worth so much more than what I paid for it just delights me. This is why I love shopping, or hunting really, at TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, consignment shops and the sale bins at all my usual stores. Here are a few recent bargains I've found:

Platform heels by Elle at Kohls

So I needed a new pair of black heels. I go through them like crazy - they get all worn down and ragged and I need afresh pair often. I have a basket of shoes waiting to go to the cobbler in my car. But I needed nice pair asap, so I went to Kohls. I was walking by the clearance rack and there these were - sitting together, size 8. Perfect, and meant for me. Originally $60, they were marked down to $11. $11!! Money well spent!

Wet Seal leopard skirt

I know. I'm an adult, but I still love the girly stores. I found this skirt full price at a whopping $12 or something. Had to get it.

Chicos satin Casablanca cargo pants
I love these. They were originally $89, marked down to $29.99. I got tan/gold and also bought them in black. My only regret is not buying a smaller size - I've lost weight and now have to roll them so they fit. They are baggy anyway, so this mostly works.

Michael Kors tee

I've had this shirt forever, and also have it in different colors and fabrics. It's a cute basic tee that I got for around $15 at TJ Maxx, and they are at the MK outlet for $19.99. Bargain!

Corset top LBD

You may not be able to see it that well, but this is a corset top dress I found at Marshalls for $7, marked down from $25, orignally $40 I believe. It's satin, and cute, and, even though I already had about 5 of them, you could always use another little black dress. I wore it to Atlantic City for my friend Courtney's birthday.

Juicy Couture dress

I got this dress originally for my friend's wedding. I also wore it on New Years, pictured here. It's a heavy satin with visible seams. It looks and feels EXPENSIVE. And it was, originally $250, and I got it for around $100 at the Juicy Outlet at Clinton Crossings.

I also love discounted accessories, or cheap ones in general. Stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Joyce Leslie have cute jewelry, shoes and scarfs for cheap so you can create new look without investing a ton of money. Love it!

*I know I have more examples at home but I can't remember them off the top of my head. I'll add when I remember.

So get out there and start looking for your next budget buy. There's so many opportunities to save - you will rarely have to buy anything full price. Don;t forget sales and coupons - sign up for your favorite stores' mailing lists and get in the know. Happy hunting!!



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