Inspiration in trying times

It's well into winter now. I'm trying to focus on the pretty stuff in life to get me through these dark, dreary days. Unfortunately there's alot of negative things going on in the world. I feel like if we all took a minute and appreciate the beauty of life this world would be a better place.

I'm looking ahead to spring. I'm ready to take off my boots and walk barefoot through the grass. I can't wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom and evenings to stay bright and sunny and that first spring day when the temperature reaches past 70 degrees. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Let's focus on the task at hand: finding inspiration in the depths of winter.

I always find inspiration in the strangest places. Movies and tv often inspire me. I've always been pretty imaginative, and I like to use ideas I see on the screen in my everyday life. Needless to say, HGTV, TLC and the Food Network are some of my favorite networks. I also have some favorite people who are just the essence of creativity, inspiration and class. These people may be fashion icons (Victoria Beckham, Betsey Johnson, Anna Wintour) celebrities (Lady Gaga, Madonna) or even reality tv personalities (Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Kardashian girls). These people are unafraid to be themselves, and often have great style. They use their whole lifestyle to show the world what they're made of, and are wildly successful  because of it. Who can't admire that?

I often look to magazines to inspire me. As much as the information online is easy to access and always available, nothing can quite replace a magazine to me. Having the tangible object in my hand, smelling the scent from its pages, seeing the editorial layouts on smooth, shiny paper; how can you replace that? My favorites include fashion, beauty cooking and interior design magazines. I cut out my favorite articles and things that isnpire me and put them into a scrapbook. Whenever I need inspiration, for a story or project, whatever, I pull it out and look it over. Similarily, I put on one of my favorite DVR'ed shows or movies and they inspire me as well.

My favorite movies include the always-popular fashion flicks Clueless, Legally Blonde and The Devil Wears Prada. Whenever I'm in a fashion funk I put one on. I also get fashion inspiration from different genres: Alice in Wonderland for example. The costumes in the movie are gorgeous. I need to start making my own clothes! As for inspiration on the interior design front, I need only turn on HGTV. I also pick up on things in the places I go: restaurants for example. I like to take details from nice eateries and incorporate them into my home. I often use ideas from dining rooms at restaurants in my own dining room. Some clothing stores have great decor; I can imagine decorating a little girl's room like the Pink room at Victoria's Secret, or an entranceway like a Brighton store.

The most important thing to me when I'm feeling down is to concentrate on something I love. Designing and decorating are things I've always enjoyed doing; and when it's cold and snowy out (If I'm not at work!) there's no better time than to rearrange your closet or start a new design project. So use the dreary winter to get things accomplished! Find your inspiration and use it in everything you do!




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