Glue, tape and sticks

I've created quite a few blogs in my time.
All of them have been started with the best intentions, but I never follow through. I start out with a few posts, saying how I'm really committed to finally sticking with it, and then I forget about it, until a few months later when I forget my name and password and start a new one. I really hope this one sticks, but who knows.
This one, however, isn't dedicated to narcissistic comments about my own life. It's dedicated to art.
I've always been a creative person. The (tenantive) title of this blog is "glue, tape and sticks." This comes from a comment my mom made about me when I was young. I shunned barbies and baby dolls to climb trees and create stuff. Any old stuff. She used to say I could make anything with, you guessed it, glue tape and sticks. I'd often be in the backyard making forts, traps, signs, and who knows what else. My creativity has always led me somewhat astray however. When I was young I'd never pay attention in class (ADD) and I couldn't sit still if you paid me (ADHD). I was also too smart for my own good. In public school, I refused to learn math, and instead spent class drawing life-sized Looney Tunes characters, which my teacher hung on the wall outside the classroom. I made everyone in class be animals one day, myself wearing whiskers taped to my face and a bunny ear hat I constructed out of paper. Soon after I transferred to Catholic school, although my creativity never waned.
In ninth grade, back in public school, I chose a journalism class as an elective. And my career was chosen. I loved it, and told mt teacher I would be editor my senior year, which I was. I preferred editing and designing pages to writing, so my job as arts editor, and then later editor-in-chief, was perfect. My parents were thrilled I found a career where I would be able to express myself creatively, which was key for me. I worked at the town paper when I was 15 until I graduated high school, went to college where I majored in print journalism, was an editorial and production intern at a Long Island-wide alternative newsweekly, and, after a few reporter jobs, got an arts editor position at the Hearst Corporation. Which was morphed into a managing editor position, but I still emphasize the arts. The lifestyle section is my baby, and every week I put it together (the best I can, with so much on my plate as it is). Fairfield County as a whole is extremely artistic, and it's so interesting working in an area like this. It really inspires me.
Hence the blog.
This is a place where I plan to put all my inspiration. My artistic interests are really vast. They range from writing, of course, to painting, history, dance, song, fashion, event design, photography, wedding planning, floral design, interior design, and even more. The key word there is design. In everything I do, I'm designing. I have a very critical, creative eye and I make it my mission to make everything in my life beautiful. I can find beauty in anything. I want to bring it to the world.
And so this is Belindesign.



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